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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Simple IRA

Agente Staffing offers all of their eligible employees a SIMPLE IRA plan to help save for retirement through Modern Woodmen of America.

Once you, the employee, obtains $3,000 in income you can start the IRA within a 60 day period.  You may begin contributing to the Simple IRA up to a maximum of $12,000 ($14,500 if 50 and over), based on income, per year. Agente Staffing presently matches your contribution, dollar for dollar, up to a maximum of 3% (minimum 1%) of your compensation. All contributions are pre-tax dollars, meaning that the income taxes are deferred until you retire and you begin taking distributions from your plan. All contributions are 100% vested, which means you own all the money in the account from day one of the start of the plan.

Example 1: Your weekly pay is $500. You defer 3% = $15. Agente matches it – $15. You have $30 going into your SIMPLE IRA tax-deferred

Example 2: Your weekly pay is $500. You defer 5% = $25. Agente matches their max – 3% = $15. You have $40 going into your SIMPLE IRA tax-deferred.

Example 3: Your weekly pay is $500.  Your defer 2% = $10. Agente matches it – $10. You have $20 going into your SIMPLE IRA tax-deferred.


Vacation Pay

You’re eligible to start qualifying vacation pay when you accumulate 2040 approved and processed hours.

Vacation pay is calculated in increments of 8 hours per day at your average hourly rate during the period in which you accumulated the initial 2040 hours. The anniversary date of the initial 2040 hours will represent the beginning of each plan year. . Each year the pay for vacation will be adjusted to the average hourly rate during that plan year.

Once you have met the 2040 hours minimum you will then qualify for 8 hours of vacation pay for every 408 approved and processed hours worked after the initial 2040 hours.  This will allow for 5 paid vacation days a year for an employee who is employed the full year and works at least 40 hours per week. However, hours can be accumulated by part time employees who accept ongoing assignments from Agente Staffing, Inc. and who accumulate the required number of hours.

Requests for vacation pay should be submitted in writing to the Agente Staffing, Inc. office at least two weeks prior to the pay period for which vacation pay is being requested.  If an employee is requesting time off in addition to vacation pay, time off must be approved by both Agente Staffing, Inc. and the client employer.  All requests for time off for vacation need to be submitted to the client employer and Agente Staffing, Inc. at least 30 days in advance.  Client employers are not required to give long term temporary employee vacation time.  Time off being granted will vary based on client’s needs.

You do not need to take time off to receive your vacation pay. Pay may be issued in addition to regular pay if employees wish to work and collect earned vacation pay in addition to their regular pay for hours worked during that pay period.

Note: If you do not work for Agente Staffing for a period of 90 calendar days, all hours previously accrued toward vacation pay will be forfeited.


Holiday Pay for Employees Working at Client Companies

Holiday Pay Policy for Agente Staffing, Inc. long term employees is as follows:

Employees must have worked 1800 hours to begin qualifying for holiday pay.  In order to stay eligible for holiday pay Agente Staffing, Inc. employees must complete 600 hours of work in a 365 day period after the qualifying date.  The first holiday will be paid on the first listed holiday following the first 1800 hours of employment as long as the employee is still on assignment for Agente Staffing, Inc at the time of the listed holiday.  Employees will continue to receive holiday pay as long as they continue to be employed as a long term employee for Agente Staffing, Inc. for 600 hours in 365 days from the qualifying date each year.  To receive holiday pay, employees must be in pay status for all scheduled hours on both their last scheduled workday immediately prior to the holiday and the first scheduled workday following the holiday.

IE – Fourth of July – Must be on assignment the day prior and after the holiday on an assignment determined to be long term (more than 90 days), and must have met all qualifying working hours, 1800 and 600 in 365 days to be paid for this holiday.


Paid holidays are as follows:

New Years Day

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day


Christmas Day



**Did you know that the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the USA is medical bills?  The scariest part of that statistic was that 77% had major medical insurance.  What that means to me, is that people need CASH if/when sickness/injury occurs…which is exactly what Aflac does.  Simply put-when/if a sickness/injury occurs; you can’t swipe your medical card at the grocery store or gas station.  You can’t use it for mortgage, credit cards, cell phone, etc.  These bills don’t go away and the copay/deductible/out of pocket/prescriptions just add to it.  Most people live paycheck to paycheck, so where can someone go for money.  The boss/bank/family-none are viable options however, Aflac =MONEY.  Aflac is where someone can get cash to use for whatever they need, when they need it.

See below a brief description of the plans being made available at a Payroll Rate discount.

$10K Lump Sum Critical Illness: Pays a Lump Sum benefit of $10K upon diagnosis of a heart attack, stroke, bypass surgery, and CANCER.   You get to use the money for whatever you want.  All children up to 26 yrs old covered for free!

Accident: The easiest plan to collect on.  On or off the job, major or minor booboo’s, (i.e. cuts, breaks, bruises, spider bites, hemorrhoids, hernia’s, poison ivy, food poisoning, hurt your back, get something in your eye, chip a tooth, car accidents, etc)…see a doctor within 72 hours and get money (minimum $120).  The more treatments received the more money paid out.  $60 wellness benefit paid for any type of checkup 1x per year.

Vision: $45 for an exam and up to $270 towards glasses/contacts.  Also, covers eye disorders/diseases/surgery (ex. Glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration)

Dental: $85 twice a year for cleanings, x-rays and exams.  Covers all treatments (crowns/root canals/dentures/oral surgery) and based on the ADA codes the more the plan pays out.  Optional orthodontic and cosmetic benefits are available.

Hospital: This plan is the most comprehensive-pays whether you are sick or injured.  Covering Dr.visits, ER visits, admission to the hospital, eeg/mri/stress tests/ colonoscopy, inpatient/outpatient surgery, etc.

Life: If you don’t have life insurance (outside of work), please consider life insurance.  Everyone eventually dies, and it costs money for a burial or cremation.  Aflac offers whole (covers you for the “whole” of your life, builds cash value) and term life (10, 20, or 30 year term…if you don’t die w/in the term you renew at your new age at your new rate)  policies.  Minimum $10K- maximum $250K ($5K increments).  Price is determined by gender, age, smoker/non and the option of adding spouse and/or children.

 This policy is subject to change at any given time at the discretion of Agente Staffing, Inc. Management.