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Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics

Agente Staffing, Inc. goes ‘beyond the basics’ to create a partnership with our clients employers. Recruiting is specialized to meet the client’s particular needs. Screening is thorough and handled by a professional interviewer. Agente Staffing, Inc. administers all the testing through our ‘Prove It’ computerized testing. The test scores can be e-mailed directly to the client employer for their viewing and also retained in the employee file. Once the completed process is done then the assessments are given. Every applicant takes the General Assessment test and then they are given an assessment for the particular job requirement.

The Selection Process is a comprehensive one and taken very seriously. Finding the ‘diamond in the rough’ doesn’t come easy. Agente Staffing, Inc. has many years of experience in placements and the growth of the company supports that statement.

Training is very important for our employees. We want them to have all the tools necessary to complete the job with high standards.

Orientations are done in the office to also provide the employee with the best knowledge of the client employer’s location. This orientation will have the employee ready to hit the ground running on their first hour of work.